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Aluminum Flatbed Trailers

The Aluminum Giant Drop Deck shares the same fabrication materials, procedures and components, while featuring an all-aluminum drop neck design, which allows the end user to haul tall loads while maintaining higher payload capacity and superior corrosion resistance. All Aluminum Giant Series trailers are available with multiple beam packages and multiple axle configurations to meet all legal requirements and hauling needs, Dorsey concluded.

The Combo Flat Bed with 10’2” Air Spread is one of the most popular trailers in the Combo Giant Series The light weight and durable design has guided Dorsey Trailer to be the fastest growing platform manufacturer in the industry.

The Steel Flatbed Trailers with a Spring Slider is the backbone of the Steel Giant Series available for purchase. Its combination of strength and value has guided Dorsey Trailer for the long haul.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed Trailers

The Dorsey Flatbed Trailer Series includes the All Aluminum Flatbed, Combo Flatbed and the Steel Flatbed. Manufactured in Elba, Alabama since 1911, Dorsey Trailer has made a name for themselves in the hauling industry. Dorsey is dedicated to creating quality trailers for sale for the Long Haul.   

Check out the All Aluminum Flat Bed is Dorsey’s newest addition to their platform trailer line. The Aluminum Giant Series boasts an ultra-light weight design with the corrosion resistant all aluminum construction. Designed and engineered for significant weight savings, outstanding payload capacity and northern element corrosion resistance, the all-aluminum has a capacity of 80,000 lbs evenly distributed and an available 52,000 lbs. capacity in 4 feet.

Flatbed Combo Trailers

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